The university ASE Bucharest, in collaboration with our company, organizes a course whose main objectiv is the knowledge of the programming language ABAP, essential for programming the SAP Application Server. This course is free of charge for all the participants. The openning day for this course is 21 october 2013, at 18:00h, in ASE room “Aula Magna”. The course lasts 8 weeks, with a frequence of 3 days per week of intensive learning; after this, each participant will have a self-study period, and aterwards a final test will be given to all the participants.
There will be selected and employed 40 persons among the participants who successfully finish the course and obtain a good result at the final test of the course. Plus, for the top 14 ABAP programmers among the participants, we offer special prices.
The winners, Crystal System employees, will be trained on the job by our senior employees, participating together in international projects, for our customers: IBM, Lufthansa, IT ERGO, METRO Systems and many others.